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Nine Kisses, or Puppies Have Arrived

  On Sunday, March 11, 9 puppies were born in our kennel. There are 5 handsome boys and 4 lovely girls, all totally cute and sweet! They are the Blissberry “Kisses” litter 🙂 The parents of the puppies are Ch.Zampanzar BLUE NOTE and MALINA Rozmachany Ogon , and you can […]

Hello world!

  So, three weeks before the delivry date everything seems to be going fine. The puppies are safe where they are supposed to be, growing and awaiting the moment when the big outer world will welcome them! The mother-to-be is doing just fine, enjoying her pregnancy (more food and cuddles!), […]

Farewell, sweet Girl…

  You know this moment has to come one day, but you are never prepared… And it always hurts… On Thursday, February 8th, we had to say good bye to our sweet Klara. We were hoping for more time with her, but it was not meant to be… We are […]

Plans for 2018

  In some ways last year was very relaxed for us, which is not exactly what we are expecting from 2018. First of all, we are planning our first litter under Blissberry affix. I haven’t reared puppies in my home for quite a few years, so the idea is very […]