? – 08.02.2018


Klara joined us at the age of 7 or 8 years in December 2014, adopted from a foundation taking care of old and ill golden retrievers in need. Adopting an older dog was a whole new experience for us and, honestly, it not always went smooth and easy, but we cannot imagine our home without Klara and we hope she’s going to be around for a very long while.

Klara is an absolutely sweet lady, very quiet and well behaving. Sometimes a little bit stubborn, but usually open to negotiations. When she came to us she loved to chase balls, now she prefers just looking for nuts, sticks or stones and then carry them around. She is not fit for long walks anymore, but enjoys small strolls and pacing back and forth in the garden. I was a bit worried when she was not too fond of Michasia when Michasia was little, but as the puppy grew up things took a great change, and now Klara not only enjoys playing with the youngster, but very often she is the ringleader herself.




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